Monday, April 21, 2014

Shop Preview: Sandals!

Here is a little sneak peak at some vintage sandals, coming soon to the shop!

I love the worn-in leather quality of vintage sandals.  These all have a rather 90's vibe to them (my favorite are the twins-- white or black with silver medallions on top and a low heel!), which I am also a fan of.  In case I haven't mentioned before.  ; )
Keeps your eyes peeled for these babies in the shop in the coming week!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flea Market Tips: For Shoppers

Last year, we wrote a post with tips and tricks for Flea Market vendors (with our limited knowledge at that point)--there will probably be a Part 2 after this spring/summer. But today, we wanted to share some advice for flea-goers to get the most out of your shopping experience!

Tips for Flea Market Shoppers

1.  Wear layers or close fitting garments and bring socks if you're a germ-o-phobe.
Most booths will allow you to try things on, depending on your own level of comfortability. A pair of shorts or leggings and a close fitting tank or tee are your best bets without having to strip down to your undies to estimate the best fit. Also, if you want to try on boots and shoes, consider bringing a pair of lightweight socks if you're not already wearing some. And if you're really anxious about trying things on, bring a tape measurer and know your measurements. Remember, tag sizes on vintage clothing are nothing like modern sizing!

2.  Don't make fun of what people are selling (and if you must, at least, not until you walk away).
Everybody has different styles and tastes, especially when it comes to fashion.  Just because you wouldn't wear a bubblegum pink bodysuit doesn't mean some other gal might not rock it.  Making fun of items in front of sellers is poor taste (it sort of offends me, since we go to great lengths to curate our items and find things that are on-trend and fit our aesthetic). Be open-minded! It's okay to giggle, but also, you never know about an item until you try it on!

3.  Be reasonable.
Many sellers are willing to bargain with you on prices, but remember that this is more than just a hobby for most of us: we're trying to make a living.  If items are not tagged, there is more wiggle room to barter with the sellers, but if they are tagged, a reasonable low bid is not more than $5-$10 (depending on the price of the item).

4.  Smile. Say hello. Make eye contact.
Sellers may spend hours sitting in a booth, sometimes in bad weather, sometimes despite bad sales. Sometimes we're just desperate for a little human contact or an opportunity to talk about things we love!  Don't be shy. Most sellers are not going to push you to buy something you don't want. I even keep a little candy dish out for anyone who wanders through! And here's a secret:  I am much more likely to give you a discount or special treatment if you're nice. ;)

5.  Reusable bags are everyone's friend.
We keep a stash of recyclable paper bags to pack up your items, but if you are planning on going to a flea market and buying stuff, consider bringing a reusable bag or two (or at the very least, carry a big tote as your purse!). It saves us money on packaging and saves the planet too. 

Any other tips from seasoned buyers/sellers? Leave them in the comments and we'll add them to the post! 

See you out there!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage Meets Modern: Boho Style

This year, we have focused our flea market style and much of the shop on 70s bohemian styles, which we both love, and which are also hugely on-trend right now at modern stores. Spring and summer are the perfect times to bust out maxi dresses, floppy hats, high-waisted jeans, and crochet everything.  It’s also music festival season, and boho styles lend themselves well to outdoor fests because they are both cool and comfortable: what more could you want in an outfit?

Sometimes it's hard to find a good-fitting vintage piece, especially for curvier ladies! One way to get around this is to buy a vintage-style modern piece, like a maxi dress, and then pair it with vintage accessories:

The style of this printed maxi dress from rue21 is a steal! It’s flattering on every figure and super breezy for summer. We'd pair it with an orange suede vest (worn open), tooled leather belt, knee high lace up boots with a wooden heel and a funky fringed patchwork bag--all vintage!

70s styles are all the rage right now and it's easy for anyone to pull off these retro looks by mixing modern and vintage pieces.

Other easy trends for summer (and festival season!):
-palazzo pants, paired with a cropped tank, long vest, and lots of jewelry.
-jumpsuits, belted with a pair of strappy leather sandals and tons of bracelets and rings.
-floppy hats as a topper for just about any bohemian outfit (and they double as sunscreen!)

Take your modern styles and mix them up with vintage! Your wardrobe will thank you for it.


This post sponsored by rue21. All opinions are my own.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting Real: Teachers Change Lives

Most of you might not know this, but I (Amanda) was a classroom teacher long before I was a vintage seller/blogger.  I loved the kids I worked with and I loved what I taught (English), but it's a highly thankless job, and after only three years, I got burnt out. I was working way more than 40 hours a week, and while I was lucky to be in a wealthy school district, I wasn't making enough money to support a family on my own. While our school had a wealth of books and materials, I still purchased many things for my classroom and my students to make the teaching experience or lesson more engaging. This is money that came directly out of my own (not very deep) pockets.

 Teachers are paid so very little for the work they do. They work long hours (many hours go into planning/grading before and after school or on weekends), they get very few breaks throughout the day, and especially in under-funded areas, teachers are spending their own money on classroom supplies to support their students.

When I heard that Office Depot was partnering with teachers, I wanted to jump on board to share and celebrate their work. This video, #teacherschangelives, had me feeling emotional:

If you have been a teacher or are someone who wants to support teachers, you can be a part of this amazing campaign. In some areas, you can even support a teacher in your own community!

How to Donate to a Teacher

Whether you are a teacher, know a teacher, have kids in school, or simply went to school yourself (I think that just about covers EVERYONE!), remember the value of education:  it's priceless. But some of these schools and teachers could use an extra boost.

And even if you can't donate, remember to thank a teacher or do something to encourage them. They truly are world-changers.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit Post: Be-Spectacled (+ Firmoo Eyewear Review)

As a glasses wearer of almost 20 years, I am always looking for cool new specs.  I was excited when Firmoo eyewear invited me to try out a style.  Ordering glasses online can be tricky, but they have this awesome Virtual Try-On System where you can upload a photo of yourself and "try on" the glasses you like.  I found it to be a really accurate representation of how the glasses would look on my face.  It made selecting the right pair super easy!  The glasses came with a both a hard case and soft drawstring bag, as well as a cleaning cloth.  I am super impressed with the quality and fit and definitely recommend Firmoo as a great place to find affordable (and cute!) eyewear.

I wanted to stick with really classic shaped glasses that would work with a lot of different styles of clothing.  It's always feels a little odd to me to wear jewelry when I'm wearing glasses (I don't know...I'm weird!), but I think these glasses are really subtle and work well with my penchant for layers of silver rings/bracelets/necklaces.  Here is the link for my glasses, but in tortoise shell (just $39!).

glasses: c/o Firmoo  //  crochet shirt: vintage  //  rust jeans: rag & bone  //  
wedge booties: Nine West  //  necklace: vintage

We are on the cusp of warm weather here in PA, so I was excited to take some photos outside!  But don't be fooled by my short was still pretty chilly.  I am also very out of practice for "spring dressing", so excuse my very fall-esque color palette.  Maybe I need to invest in some pastel denim to switch out these rust colored jeans for the spring...


Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Sale in the Miskabelle Vintage Etsy Shop!

We're heading to District Flea for opening day tomorrow, and we're trying to clear out inventory to make room for new stuff, so the shop is marked down through Easter!

Have a fantastic weekend, and if you're in the DC area, come on out and see us!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Dress Preview: Miskabelle Vintage at District Flea 2014

It's going to be a warm weekend in DC (finally!! As I write this blog, it is wintry mixing and I am nearly despondent), perfect timing for the District Flea! We will be there Saturday from 10-5...and so will these bohemian beauties:

See something you like? Feel free to message us for more details! And mention the blog, and get 20% off your purchase in honor of opening day!

See you there!



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